In 1985 Javier Galvan y Fama made an astounding debut,and soon earned recognition as one of the most dominating bands in the Tejano industry across the nation. A string of career hit singles came their way in the mid '90s'dominated the airwaves as they spent numerous weeks atop Tejano and Latin Billboard airplay charts, earning numerous awards and nominations from BMI,Premios LoNuestro, and Univision's Premios A La Musica Latina. In the process, Fama also appeared on numerous international Latin television programs such as: Sabado Gigante, Despierta America, El Gordo y La Flaca, Escadalo TV, Padrisimo, Control, and many many more. Statistically speaking Javier Galvan y Fama have scaled unbelievable heights, carving a permanent place in the music scene. Javier Galvan is one of the few artists to have shattered international barriers. With 18 recorded albums, of which four were certified gold, three platinum, and one double platinum, it is undeniably clear of how or why Javier Galvan had become a pivotal figure in the eyes of his fans, but in the midst of all the success, for Galvan, something was still missing. After years of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll Javier had enough of the fast life and on July 19th 2001,accepted the Lord as his personal savior finding inspiration for his music. In 2003, his first Christian album entitled "One Nation Under God" perfectly captured the way Javier was growing as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, publisher, arranger, producer, and most importantly as a person. "One Nation Under God" unfolded like a diary in the life of Javier Galvan, who now lives his life with purpose and direction, as he continues to craft music that is as exhilarating as it is distinctive. 


   In 2009 Javier Galvan gave all of the rights to the name Fama, the Corporation, and future secular events to his band members John Barraza and Eddie Dominguez, closing a chapter in his life forever to follow Jesus Christ. Javier Galvan has now released several Spanish CDs, a CD & DVD Combo entitled "Un Dia a La Vez" in which he gives us an inside look at the early dark days of Javier Galvan y Fama, how they partied, how they searched in all the wrong places and how God saved them. Without a doubt a powerful testimony for young and old alike. Javier Galvan’s latest project is his very first bilingual CD entitled “Mi Rey Jesus/ My King Jesus” which has solidified his commitment, his love and his gratitude to The Lord. 

Javier is married to his beautiful wife Norma who is his faithful prayer warrior. They have two children together, Javi 14 and Cristabella 8. Javier is also father to two beautiful young ladies, Nikki 26 and Brianna 19. 

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